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Dholki Dress Guide 2024: Trends, Colors, fabric,| Designer Picks

Dholki Dress Guide 2024 Trends, Colors, Fabric, And Designer Picks

Pre-wedding celebrations are a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Additionally, you get to interact with your loved ones in the busy routines. Dholki is a traditional pre-wedding celebration where the family and close friends are gathered to celebrate the couple’s new start.

Songs, dances, food and gossip often accompany this. But one of the most essential selections is what to wear. Women often feel bound by this question of how to style themselves for dholki?. Meanwhile, dholki, one of the cultural and traditional events, is an energetic event paired with vibrant colours.

This exciting event is the favourite of many people because of the energetic feeling tied to the special small occasion. Dholki venues are often at home to make it more comfortable and provide a cosy environment. 

So, if you have an upcoming dholki of a friend or family member, keep reading until the end. Here, we will guide dholki friends in dressing as well as how to choose the perfect outfit?. This full-fledged guide will include all aspects, from what fabric to decide to what style is trending.

Are you looking for the ideal attire for a dholki celebration? Selecting the perfect dholki outfit is a crucial aspect of an attractive-looking personality. We’ll lead you through every step of the in this extensive guide.

Since dholki is more related to vibrant hues and bright patterns, this also means that the colour palette that goes perfectly is the vibrant colours. So, let’s talk about some of the trending Dholki dress colours.

Top Dholki Dress Colors

Yellow dholki dress is one of the traditional colors to choose. For decades, dholki was associated with the bright yellow colour for the bride, groom, and guests. But now you are not restricted to yellow. Instead, there are many colour options that you can make your dholki dresses in.

The key to dholki outfits is to select a bold and vibrant hue. Since all the decorations are bright, a vibrant dress would complement the surroundings. Colour selections have deep cultural and emotional meaning in Pakistani culture. These are a few hues that are trending in 2024 for dholki dresses. These are available at our store izemporium. You can find all these trending colors at our website. These are:

Yellow Dresses for Dholki Event : 

Yellow Dresses For Dholki Event

Yellow, a color synonymous with joy and optimism, is a celebrated choice for pre-wedding events like dholkis. It radiates happiness and warmth, creating an ambiance of festivity and delight. While yellow might not be a staple in everyday wardrobes, it is a must-try for such special occasions. Its vibrant hue brings out a glow in everyone, complementing all skin tones beautifully. Embrace this cheerful color with exquisite designs from renowned brands like Maria B and Sana Safinaz. Their collections perfectly capture the essence of yellow, blending traditional charm with contemporary elegance, making them ideal for your pre-wedding celebrations.

Green Dresses for Dholki Event: 

Green Dresses For Dholki Event

This hue is a symbol of fresh starts. For brides who want to represent development and success in their new lives, it’s ideal. Even for guests, it is perfect to choose from because of its depth of colour. The most trending colour of dholki dresses is olive green.

Pink Dresses for Dholki Event

Pink Dresses For Dholki Event

Pink is the colour of femininity and love. It’s a delicate and elegant option for dresses with dholkis. Instead of light pink, use shocking pink to make it more unique. 

Orange Dresses for Dholki Event: 

Orange Dresses For Dholki Event

Traditionally a favourite for dholki gowns, the orange is also in trend. This vibrant hue is filled with energetic vibes. So it makes it perfect for dance and performance.

Purple Dresses for Dholki Event

Purple Dresses For Dholki Event

Associated with grandeur and wealth, purple is the colour of royalty. This is an excellent option if you want to make a big impression. Purple paired with gold looks more delicate and elegant. Moreover, you can also go for other contrasts, such as purple and silver, to have the perfect sparkle for the dholki night.

When selecting a hue, take into account your own choices. If you don’t like yellow, then opt for another. Colour therapy has a significant event on our minds and moods. So, choose the colour that meets your specific needs. Thus, apart from trends, the personal choices matter more. Also, if you are light-coloured, choosing dark hues is a great adventure to try this time.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Dholki Dress

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Dholki Dress

Fabric is one of the first steps to consider after choosing the colour. The material is associated with comfort as well as the overall look of the dress. The material you select for your dholki outfit will significantly influence your comfort level and style. Let’s talk about some of the standard fabrics used for dholki dresses. All these variety is available at izemporium. Since, we have multiple designers under one roof. So all these fabrics are available to shop.

Silk Fabric for Dholki Event: 

Silk Fabric For Dholki Event

Silk is famous for its shine and grace. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wishes to radiate elegance and luxury. Moreover, it’s a sign of luxury and class. The silk is perfect for people who want aesthetics in their dresses. The silk colour is more bright because of the slight sheen of the fabric. Moreover, the material is comfortable and soft on the skin. It is a perfect fabric for a glamorous look.

Chiffon Fabric for Dholki Event: 

Chiffon Fabric For Dholki Event

This material is an excellent choice for dholki festivities because it is breathable and light. It gives a sophisticated touch and drapes beautifully. The flare is beautiful since the material is light in weight. There are many beautiful colours available in chiffon. If you suffer overheating at times, then this is the perfect breathable option to wear.

Cotton Fabric for Dholki Event: 

Cotton Fabric For Dholki Event

For people who want to keep their look simple yet elegant. Then you can opt for Cotton, which is cozy and appropriate for dholki gatherings. Because of the breathable fabric, you stay cool. Also, it has no extra glamour, making it perfect for a sober look.

Georgette Fabric for Dholki Event

Georgette Fabric For Dholki Event

Georgette is a material that successfully combines comfort and style. It is adaptable and suitable for a range of dholki outfit styles. Georgette is somewhat similar to chiffon, but it’s more in its form and thickness. Georgette fabric is perfect for those who love to have a little weight on their body. Moreover, there is no chance of revealing the skin.

Net Fabric for Dholki Event

Net Fabric For Dholki Event

Dholki outfits gain a degree of complexity with the use of net fabric. It’s frequently applied as overlays and decorations. The fabrics are often textured with patterns. The translucent fabric increases the elegance and sophistication of a dholki dress.

Velvet Fabric for Dholki Event:

Velvet Fabric For Dholki Event

It is a warm and cozy fabric that is perfect for winter. If the venue is outdoors in winter, this fabric offers the ideal warmth to protect you. There is a variety of colours available in the luscious fabric.

Who Wears Dholki Dresses?

Dholki dresses aren’t just for brides. They play a crucial role in the pre-wedding festivities held for the bridesmaids, relatives, and friends. Women who attend dholki parties are customarily dressed exquisitely to participate in the celebrations and create a visually pleasing atmosphere.

Many people often set up themes to make matching attires to make the dholki even more enjoyable. The dholki outfits symbolize happiness and beauty combined in a single dress. 

Many brands offer specific festive collections to show unique designs to make your events memorable. Meanwhile, Izemporium offers the top Pakistani designer suits for wedding. Moreover, there are all categories available from Dholki to reception. You can also search for Pakistani dholki outfits by various Pakistani Designers and be mesmerized by the beauty and diversity of styles.

Must-Have Accessories for Dholki Dresses

Dholki’s dress is complete with the perfect accessories paired with it. The jewellery plays a significant role in making your outfit more attractive. So let’s see the must-have accessories to pair with a dholki dress.

Jewelry for Dholki Event

Jewelry For Dholki Event

Accessorizing your ensemble with bold earrings, necklaces, bangles, and rings can provide a glamorous touch. You can also keep the look glamorous by adding some statement earrings only. Moreover, a delicate necklace with a pair of studs would be perfect if you are a necklace lover.

Footwear for Dholki Event: 

Footwear For Dholki Event

Accessorize your dress with juttis, kusa or sandals with embellishments that match or contrast. Footwear is also of great focus when it comes to events. You want to make everything complement each other. Choose a comfortable yet elegant pair of shoes with a matching or contrasting colour. Heels are not a great option when it comes to dancing. So, better wear something comfortable and save your heels for another event.

Handbags for Dholki Event:

The last accessory would be a classy and trendy handbag. Ladies have a lot of things to carry, so having a purse is essential. Pick a chic clutch or bag that holds your necessities and goes well with your ensemble. So that your hands are free and you can move around with your belongings.

Izemporium keeps up with the dynamic fashion industry. All the latest designer collections are updated from time to time. The trends for dholki dresses are constantly changing because fashion is a dynamic art form. Watch out for the following trends in 2024:

Vibrant Colors Trend for Dholki Dresses:

Vibrant colours are still in style, with bright pinks, rich purples, and deep reds setting the standard.

Embroidery and Sequins Trend for Dholki Dresses:

Beadwork for extra glitz and sequins for classic, elaborate embroidery are timeless embellishments.

Modern Styling

Play around with contemporary takes on classic attire, such as asymmetrical Anarkalis, crop top lehengas, and distinctive cuts.

Contemporary Cuts

Nowadays, you can fuse traditional work with modern elegance. The embroidery work might be a traditional one, but the stitching style would be a contemporary one. Experiment with fashion to bring forth the best for yourself.

You can revive the traditional and cultural feel that will give you a sense of closeness to your values. The dresses have slight fusions, but a significant part of the tradition is still alive and makes us ponder its beauty every single time.

What do you wear at a Dholki?

When selecting an outfit for a Dholki celebration, immerse yourself in vibrant colors that signify joy and festivity. Embrace rich reds, deep blues, and resplendent golds, which are commonly featured in the traditional color palette. These hues add to the celebratory atmosphere. Choose fabrics that are not only stylish but also comfortable and breathable, enabling you to dance and revel in the festivities with ease. Whether it’s a beautifully embroidered Anarkali suit, a flowing lehenga, or a chic sharara set, your Dholki attire should reflect the lively spirit of the occasion., and resplendent golds, which are commonly featured in the traditional color palette. These hues add to the celebratory atmosphere. Choose fabrics that are not only stylish but also comfortable and breathable, enabling you to dance and revel in the festivities with ease. Whether it’s a beautifully embroidered Anarkali suit, a flowing lehenga, or a chic sharara set, your Dholki attire should reflect the lively spirit of the occasion.

What are Dholki Colours?

Dholki celebrations are often adorned with a vibrant array of colors, with yellow, orange, and green being popular choices for both dholki and mayoun events. These colors are commonly used individually or combined to create a lively and festive ambiance. The combination of yellow, orange, and green adds a cheerful and celebratory touch to the festivities. Dholkis are traditionally observed as household parties that unfold over several days, building excitement until the culmination of the main event. The use of lively colors contributes to the joyous atmosphere of these pre-wedding celebrations.

Is Dholki and mehndi the same?

No, Dholki and Mehndi are distinct events within the Pakistani wedding celebrations. The Dholki ceremony involves singing traditional wedding songs accompanied by the beats of a drum, also known as Dholki. It is a lively musical gathering where friends and family come together to celebrate with music and dance.

On the other hand, Mehndi is a henna festivity held a day or two before the wedding. This event is focused on the application of intricate henna designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Mehndi is considered one of the most vibrant and lively occasions in the entire marriage celebration, marked by joyous celebrations, music, and the application of beautiful henna patterns.

What culture is Dholki?

The Dholki ceremony is a cultural tradition deeply rooted in the wedding celebrations of the Punjab region, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and traditions of this particular area in Pakistan.

What is the purpose of Dholki?

The purpose of the Dholki celebration is to set a lively and festive tone as a prelude to the wedding events. This musical festivity brings together family and friends who join in singing traditional songs. The rhythmic beats of the Dholki enhance the celebratory atmosphere, creating a joyous ambiance before the wedding ceremonies commence.

What is Bridal Dholki Dress Price in Pakistan?

The price of a Bridal Dholki dress in Pakistan can vary widely depending on factors such as the designer, the intricacy of the design, the choice of fabrics, and additional embellishments. Generally, Bridal Dholki dresses from renowned designers or brands may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Custom-made dresses with unique designs and high-quality materials tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. It’s advisable for individuals to set a budget and explore options that align with their preferences and financial considerations.

Which Designer Brands Are Best for Dholki Dress

When it comes to selecting the best designer brands for Dholki dresses, several renowned Pakistani designers are known for their exquisite bridal collections suitable for such festive occasions. Here are some top designer brands known for their Dholki dresses:

HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin): Known for opulent designs, HSY offers bridal dresses that combine traditional and contemporary elements, perfect for a Dholki celebration.
Zainab Chottani: Renowned for elegance, Zainab Chottani’s bridal couture includes intricate designs with a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.
Bunto Kazmi: If you’re looking for dresses with a timeless and regal charm, Bunto Kazmi’s creations are an excellent choice for a Dholki ceremony.
Nomi Ansari: Celebrated for his vibrant palette, Nomi Ansari’s designs are well-suited for lively events like Dholki, with a focus on colors and festive patterns.
Deepak Perwani: Known for sartorial elegance, Deepak Perwani’s bridal collections offer a mix of classic and contemporary designs suitable for various wedding events, including Dholki.
Aisha Imran: Aisha Imran’s bridal wear is characterized by intricate detailing and modern cuts, making her brand a popular choice for Dholki dresses.
Sania Maskatiya: For those looking for a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, Sania Maskatiya’s bridal ensembles are a great option for Dholki celebrations.

Remember, the choice of the best designer brand depends on personal preferences, the theme of the Dholki event, and individual style preferences


Choosing a dholki dress requires various considerations, and we have discussed all of these in detail. Now, you can shop for the perfect dholki attire for yourself and your friends. Fashion has no end, as there is a lot to experiment with. You should remember these points while selecting the dholki dress, either customized or ready to wear. Izemporium caters to the needs if its customers by offering a huge variety under one roof. You can visit our store to shop exclusive designer attires for wedding at reasonable prices.

Look your best and make this beautiful occasion more enjoyable. The confidence that we get when we are looking our best is unmatched. The boost we all look for. So, make sure to incorporate all these details in your dholki dress. Tell us in the comment section which dress you are going to choose. We hope that the article was helpful to you.

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