Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistan For Wedding

With the ease of digital technology, everyone can share their art through digital platforms. This lets everyone showcase their talent and offers them an opportunity to gather customers. All these events proved fruitful for the Pakistani fashion industry. 

With the increase in talented individuals, the fashion industry became global. Thus, today Pakistani wedding dresses are famous across the world.  

Moreover, new trends keep on releasing, and people love them. Also, there is a large list of brands offering their exceptional services from Pakistan. But here, we will discuss only the top brands in detail. So first, let’s dive into the latest fashion trends which are famous nowadays.  

Let’s take a look at latest fashion trends in Pakistan for Wedding Dresses.

Top Trends 

Organza Saree

Saree is one of the traditional picks that looks elegant at every event. Moreover, it just compliments everybody’s type, so you can never go wrong with a saree. Since traditional dresses keep on evolving, and sometimes the fashion repeats its history.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding

Sharara with Short Shirt  

Here we have another traditional dress that has been worn for centuries, but it keeps evolving with modern touches. So, today we have short shirts paired with the flared Sharara, which looks amazing.  

Moreover, these are mostly available in warm pastel tones, further enhancing the whole attire’s look.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding

Open Cut Frock with Churidar Trouser  

Frock is one of the favorite fits when it comes to traditional events because of the flare and the more girly vibes attached to the frock. Instead of the traditional frocks today, an open-cut frock paired with a churidar trouser looks more classy and up to date.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 1

Lehnga Choli  

How can we forget lehenga choli when we talk about wedding dress trends. For centuries lehenga choli has been the famous wedding dress option. Previously it was more famous in India but nowadays one of the essential wedding dress attire.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 2

Long Shirt with Loose Pants  

Suppose you have hot weather in your area, then you can opt for comfortable options for wedding dresses. These include long shorts paired with loose pants. These loose pants are often termed palazzo.  

Thus, you can wear a comfortable fit but full of class and elegance.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 3

 Anghrakha Frock

Being a lover of frocks, we cannot show our love for angrakha frocks. These are often paired with beautiful laces and embellishment, which further accentuate the beauty of the attire.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 4

Embellished Saree’s

Saree’s would never go out of fashion. The elegance and class of a saree are unmatchable. We can surely state that no other attire can match the grace of a saree. If you didn’t wear a saree before, then this is a great time to take yourself out of your comfort zone  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 5

Pant Saree’s  

Reviving the traditional saree with a new and modern design. Here we have the latest version of the traditional saree. You will feel more comfortable and stylish with this look.   

Moreover, you wear it with a pair of heels.  

Now let’s move toward the top brands that are offering versatile clothing and wedding dresses for you.  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 6

These are the most demanding types of wedding dresses and trends we have seen this year. Now let’s take a look at some of the best clothing brands that offer stunning wedding dresses.


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 7

Meanwhile, being one of Pakistan’s well-known designers with services all around the world. Sana Safinaz offers exceptional and beautiful clothing combined with the highest quality materials. Also, they have a huge range of wedding series, which are actually heart throbbing designs and patterns. Moreover, they never fail to please their clients.  

The intricate design will look amazing in the beautiful lighting of the wedding halls. Also, the color combinations are chosen wisely to serve a large variety of customers. Thus, you have both light and dark color options that you can choose from.  

Since they use high-quality material, the dress will last years and pay back all the money you have spent. The attires are suitable for all stages of life events thanks to the detailed design and exquisite embellishments.

The festive collection, muslin collection, and lawn collection are the famous collections. At IZEmporium, all of these are offered with free shipping around the world. 


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 8

Further, a brand that doesn’t need to be introduced because it is well-known worldwide. When it comes to high-quality clothing with the best embroidery and craftsmanship, Maria B excels. 

Maria knew it all and added elegance with a hint of glitz and glamour. The highest priority is always to ensure customer happiness. People often have issues with the fabric quality.

Or in some cases, the fabric is not able to hold the embellishments and results in waste only. But with this brand, you are worry-free from all such issues for your wedding dress.  

Meanwhile, you can find a huge variety of intricate and elegant designs.  

Each and every other collection sells out quickly, including the wedding dresses. 

The lines feature wedding dresses, chiffon, casual pret, and embroidered pieces. At the izemporium, you may find all of these collections. You can place your order because izemporium offers free shipping anywhere.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 9

Afrozeh has been offering top-notch customer support for a while now. Additionally, this is one of the most well-known labels for elegant apparel. Customers can choose from gorgeous selections in their festive apparel.

Now, a brief discussion of their collections, which feature various textiles. The most popular fabrics include embroidered chiffon,lawn, cotton and chiffon. Their products are elegant and feature a blend of traditional and modern styles. 

Also, all the top trends are available here. So, whatever you are looking for, you will find here the best version.   

A large variety of colors are designed by the experts to provide the desired look to their customers. Also, the amazing designs are made on high-quality fabric to make them last longer.  

To help their customers, even more, they even offer stitching services. Professional tailors provide afrozeh sewing services. You can also purchase afrozeh from izemporium. Additionally, they provide free shipping anywhere.  

GARNET Clothing  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 10

Garnet knew it all and produced luxurious, elegant clothing at a reasonable price. The world is embracing captivating and stylish clothing trends. The quality at an affordable price would be the main advantage.  

With the ideal outfit, you can make your celebrations sparkle. Numerous collections, including unstitched festive, luxury pret, velvet, and casual pret, are offered by garnet clothing.   

All of these collections feature intricate needlework and delicate work. The color choices are pleasing to the eye. So, whatever event you are looking for, you can find a related outfit for that day.  

What else do you want, apart from quality and affordability, in one place? Thus, you don’t have to worry about the long life of the fabric or fading of the color.  

It’s no longer difficult to order your favorite clothing from Izemporium because all of the aforementioned collections are available for free delivery to your home.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 11

Imrozia is a leading brand that polishes eastern trends with classic elegance. Adding exquisite embellishments and luxuriant stitching. Imrozia, a trendsetter, never lets down its clients. The intricate embroidery work gives the entire outfit a pleasing aesthetic feel.  

One of the top Pakistani clothing brands on sale, Imrozia women’s clothing line, is the source of new arrivals dresses for women that are stylish and affordable for purchasing.  

Imrozia’s designers are skilled in producing designer gowns for women that incorporate all of the current fashion trends. By providing a complete selection of opulent women’s clothing online in Pakistan.   

Imrozia makes sure to provide a wonderful experience for modern apparel.  

Imrozia makes an effort to create an amalgam of the valuable legacy and rich culture. 

They provide serenity, bridal collection, imrozia premium, and de-luxe collections. These are available through izemporium. Additionally, you can hire a sewing specialist at a fair charge.  

Akbar Aslam  

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 12

The name invokes memories of the traditional and historical clothing it sells. Customers always associate this brand with royalty and elegance. One of the main causes of royal emotions is color choices. 

Additionally, one of the best collections available to clients is their formal assortment.  

You can never go wrong with this color range as they offer attractive and mesmerizing color options. Loving the quality of the fabric. Moreover, these lie in an affordable range which is another plus point.  

Also, their expert designers provide amazing design patterns specific to the attire. Moreover, you will have the best option if you are looking for royal attires.  

Additionally, you will appear attractive in their traditional attire, which features distinctive needlework. Izemporium offers gowns in their opulent clothing for a fair price. At izemporium, all of their collections are accessible. 


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 13

Ittehad Textile is one of the well-known brands in Pakistan, offering comfort, quality, and fashion all under one roof. Ittehad puts a lot of effort into providing the newest fashion trends with top-notch outcomes since it values its clients. This designer focuses on intricate clothing designs while keeping comfort and style in mind.  

Meanwhile, they assemble a broad selection of fabrics under one roof. Further, their journey began with a single location in Faisalabad, but they expanded their network due to an overwhelming reaction. 

Provides high-quality services for its cherished clients with a vision to offer choices that express individuality, comfort, and style.  

The intricate and exquisite embroidery work features the ideal color scheme. They have ready-to-wear, embroidered lawn, and premium lawn collections. With izemporium, you can have these clothes delivered to your door without paying any delivery fees. 

In addition to offering free delivery, izemporium also offers superb stitching services for a reasonable cost.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 14

The gulaal serves for a long time and is the ideal combination of detailed design and graceful ornamentation. Offering a choice of clothing for all situations, including engagements and get-togethers. Gulaal is a master at giving customers what they desire. 

You can shop for premium fabric with intricate designs that everyone falls for. The rich color combinations never fade even after years. Meanwhile, people across the globe love this brand, and you will also once try a wedding dress yourself from here.  

Their premium formal can be used for a variety of occasions, including weddings and Eid. The collections include wedding, premium formal, lawn, and embroidered lawn. 

From izemporium, you may order any of these collections. Additionally, it can be sewn for a fair price.  

Hussain Rehar

Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 15

Hussain Rehar’s distinctive yet elegant aesthetic will grab notice. Here, you can get visually appealing, daring attire for those special occasions. Promoting a distinctive fashion sense in this field of fashion with some daring touches.  

Hussain Rehar has a wide selection of collections. Luxury pret, formal collections, and bridal collections are a few of these. It’s incredibly simple to obtain this festive clothing because you may have it delivered right to your house at no additional cost.   

Rehar continues to provide fashion through a wide range of accessibility, concentrating on the capacity to blend his distinctive handcrafted expertise and aesthetic influence with high fashion awareness. Hussain Rehar is adored by everyone in the business for his exotic elegance, bold, wild print glamour, and red carpet drama. 

The brand’s mission is to uplift women. The garishness of the clothing makes a garish fashion statement that pays homage to Pakistan’s traditional elements in a contemporary approach.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 16

With Janique, staying updated with fashion trends is simple. This company is adept at providing what its clients want. Their clothes are reasonably priced and include elaborate designs and high-quality fabrics. 

Providing services for a large number of clients under one roof. Its offerings include embroidered collections, festive collections, and premium chiffon collections.  

Moreover, their main motive is to offer affordable clothing with exceptional services to their clients. This is the major reason why they have gained a huge number of clients in no time. 

Meanwhile, for some people, affordability comes first. But even if you have a tight budget, you can have your dream wedding attire from here.  

At the izemporium, you can find all of these collections. Additionally, izemporium offers professional stitching services at cost-effective rates. With izemporium, you may get a beautiful sewn outfit delivered free of charge to your door. Place your order right away.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 17

Sapphire is another aesthetically beautiful brand that astounds its clients with its exquisite clothing. Putting everything together with the ideal blend of color, fabric, and design. It includes a lawn collection, a luxury lawn collection, and a festive collection.  

One of the biggest names in the textile industry launched a high-street brand called Sapphire. Everyone can find something in our apparel selection, which includes casual attire, formal wear, party wear, silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric. The main idea behind the collections is to make designer clothing accessible to everyone.  

This one-of-a-kind retail brand has made a breakthrough thanks to its excellent design and premium materials. Sapphire has become a household name and a symbol of excellence, thanks to its dedication to the high-quality fabric over the years.  

With izemporium, finding their captivating clothing is no longer a headache. Order today and get free shipping anywhere in the world. Additionally, stitching services are available for a fair fee.  


Latest Fashion Trends In Pakistan For Wedding 18

Adding glitz and ornamentation is the ideal combination. Suffuse is here to dazzle you all with its gorgeous attire and captivating selections. The collections include outfits for weddings, formal occasions, and holidays.

Suffuse designs feature modern cutting and exotic themes and are intended for the global woman. They have added an interplay of screen prints, feminine embroideries, and different mediums for her high-end lines after a successful range of eastern pret collections.

Suffuse creations combine a lovely harmony of hues and textures with lace accents, flawless applique, embroidery, and eye-catching screen prints for pants and dupattas to finish each piece. 

The brand offers a universal western wear range that includes stylish capes and pants with silk prints. At the IZEmporium, you can find all the captivating clothing. Additionally, you will receive worldwide delivery of your item to your home free of charge.

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