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Mnr Nimbu A Shaadi Vol-03


Mnr Nimbu A Shaadi Vol-03


Mnr Nimbu A Shaadi Vol-03

Embellished Front L + R (Organza) 2 PCS
Embellished Front HEM Patch L+R (Organza) 2 PCS
Embroidered Back (Organza) 1.33 M
Embellished Front and Back HEM Border (Organza) 5.5 M
Embellished Sleeve (Organza) 1.33 M
Embroidered Dupatta (Organza) 2.66M
Embroidered Dupatta Border (Organza) 8 M
Embroidered Trouser (Organza) 3 M
Dyed Shirt Lining and Trouser Lining (Cotton Silk) 4 M


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