Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir is a clothing brand that is famous on international forums among all fashion or clothing brands. Its lawn dresses are famous for fine quality, Fine tailoring, reasonable price range, and high-quality fabric. It launches its clothing collection from time to time and according to every season (summer, winter, mid-season, etc.).

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Not just Pakistani people, it is also famous among foreigners like in Italy, Australia, Austria, etc. Not just dresses, It has a wide variety of stock that you can purchase to satisfy your fashion needs. Women love to wear their dresses because it has a huge collection with all kinds of colours for you like beige, pink, sky blue, etc.

Sobia Nazir Collection (Sobia NaziDesigner Lawn dresses)

This brand is especially famous for its lawn collection. It has vibrant prints for its lawn outfits. Its fine fabric and stitching will make your eid special. So purchase your eid dress from it and select an outfit that is suitable for your price range and that will make your summer season enjoyable.

Chiffon Suits and Silk Suits 

Its silk dresses are available in the store, and a beautiful model represents every silk suit. Indian style dresses are also available, and you will love to wear them. So grab your formal outfits from this brand that will increase your look and happiness.

Sobia Nazir Kids collection

Shop your favourite Pakistani kid’s dresses with free shipping from any shop or its online brand hub. People can shop everything from its clothing collection. You can have 2 pieces (shirts and dupattas for girls or ven 3 piece suit ( shirts, trousers, and dupattas) from it.

Sobia nazir Dupatta collection

Other than dresses, it has a wide collection of dupattas. You can have embroidery, plain or net dupatta, etc. In short, any kind of dupatta is available here.

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Saree collection

Not just dress, you can get sarees from it that is according to the up-to-date fashion. Choose your sarees in multiple colors and check reviews before placing your order.

Winter Collection

Besides lawn collection, this clothing brand also offers winter collections in various fabrics like linen, viscose, Organza, etc.

Online shopping

Not just physically, you can shop from any online store and check its clothing collections on the website. Check all designs from its menu. You can check its reviews that different buyers give.

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IZEmporium Store 

One can buy from the IZEmporium store that gives your a great buying experience through easy and convenient service. Moreover, IZEmporium is a hub for famous brands of women products like shirts, dupatta, full suits, designer dresses, etc. It also provides an option of sending messages on WhatsApp also. So, you can ask for information about various brands, fabric quality, purchase process, designer products, etc. So, Shop your brand’s suit or any other product from it.

Here is the link:

Fill your Shopping cart with your loved items through an online account

You can create your account in which you can sign in or sign up at any time and get your shopping cart filled with your order. You can use any browser to create your account.

Size chart

in Pakistan, ready-to-wear dresses like lawn suits are ubiquitous. You can select clothing items in any colour according to your size at this brand, and more options are available in the size chart.

It also has another size chart for kids’ lawn collections, especially teens. So, select your size before placing an order for your selected item.

Password for online account

Set a password after creating an online account and give your email address to get the promo code.

Home delivery

Its home delivery service is available worldwide. So, select your suit or outfit without any location problem. So, please make a list of your order and get your favorite colors at a reasonable price from it.

Foreign countries

In Pakistan, it also has stores in other western countries to shop for this brand while living in any western country. Some of its famous stores are:

  • Sobia nazir the USA
  • UK Sobia Nazir
  • Sobia nazir clothing collection Canada

Frequent Asking Questions

Q1. How to place an order on Sobia Nazir’s brand?

Ans. You can place your order by just giving your details on its number.

Q2. Is it beneficial to join its newsletter?

Ans. Yes, by subscribing to the newsletter. In this way, you can remain in touch with all its ads and promotions.

Q3. are discounts available on lawn collection?

Ans. It gives your discount offers from time to time. To remain connected with its page to get all updates.

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