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Vitalia Liläh Maemsaab Luxury Lawn’22


Vitalia Liläh Maemsaab Luxury Lawn’22


Vitalia Liläh Maemsaab Luxury Lawn’22

1 Piece Front Elegantly Embroidered On Lawn

1 Piece Dyed Lawn for Side Panels

1 M Embroidered Placket On Organza

1 Piece Embroidered Twin -Sequin Front Border On Organza

2 M Embroidered Hem Border for Front & Back On Organza

1.25 M Dyed Lawn Back

1 Piece Embroidered Back Patch On Organza

1.25 M Embroidered Lawn Sleeves

1.25 M Embroidered Sleeve Border On Organza

1 M Embroidered Organza Trouser Lace

3.25 M Sequin Embroidered Dupatta Border On Organza

2.5 M Digital Print Silk Dupatta

3 M Dyed Cambric Trouser

Add On’s: 16 Embroidered Emblems


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