Here comes the Motifz brand. Motifz is one of the oldest brands in Pakistan. 1. Aside lawn collection and embroidered collection, they have heavy dresses for bridal wear too.

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In addition to this, it one of the best fashion brands in the history of dresses. Other than this, the best part of Motifz is that they have various products. So, it does not matter what are you looking for? Motifz will have everything available for you. So, if you have any upcoming event or if you want to shop something for Eid, Motifz is here to cater you.


The best part of Motifz is that they have various kinds of dresses. In addition to this, Motifz has launched its new collection for 2021. Thus, if you want to wear something latest yet trendy this Eid, shop the latest collection of Fashion Motifz brand. In addition to this, women love to wear Motifz since forever. And that is the reason behind its popularity. So, if you want to get something fashionable yet elegant, have a look at different collections by Motifz. So, they have;

  1. First of all, they have the premium Chiffon collection 2021. If I am saying it is Premium, then it really is. And this is because of the fact that Motifz never disappoints. In addition to this, Chiffon is there specialty. Hence, they have high-quality Chiffon dresses that you could wear everywhere.
  2. In addition to this, Motifz has recently launched its Lawn collection which is the best amongst all. This is because their lawn collection has many prints including the digital ones too.
  3. Thirdly, some people love digital prints. Thus, if you are looking for digital ones this Eid then shop from Motifz. And I guarantee that they won’t disappoint you.
  4. In addition to this, they have an unstitched and stitched Lawn and embroidered collection. And this stitched and unstitched collection come in one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece dresses. And that is perhaps the best part. However, if you love wearing the combination, then you will find Lawn dresses with Chiffon dupatta and vice-versa. So, whatever you want, I would like to say shop from Motifz.
  5. Now you have seen the variety of dresses they have. In addition to this, they have got many more products.
  6. Other than this, if you would like to know the quality of fabric and stuff then do visit their outlets.


As for their price range, they charge a bit high. In addition to this, we have already mentioned that Motifz is a premium brand. Thus, they charge high price for their outfits and clothes. So, if you would like to give their dresses a try, you can order them online. So, that is how reliable and worthwhile their outfits are. In addition to this, many women have done shopping from the Motifz brand. And they all are satisfied with their fabric and everything. So, if you would like to give this reliable brand a try, then go ahead.

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So, many people are looking for Eid outfits. And that is why, these brands have launched their Lawn collection and Motifz embroidered collection that women love. This is because they are formal enough and all men and women love their collection. And their unstitched lawn collection tops the list anyways. So, if you would like to wear something trendy yet stylish this summer, you could give a try.

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So, if you would like to order from Motifz, all you have to do is visit their page online. In addition to this, you will have to log in. So, if you already have an account, just sign in. But if you don’t have an account, you will have to sign up. After this, have a look at their Lawn collection. In addition to this, you will see various categories. This may include all kinds of Lawn and Chiffon outfits they have. Also, all the information available on the website will be useful too. This includes the fabric type, the price, and all information about sizes too.