Buy Cross Stitch Online Store: Lawn Collection 2021

Cross Stitch online store, Are you confused about where to shop your lawn or chiffon suits? There are so many brands out there, but what brand will be perfect for you?

Cross stitch store is one of the best retail fabric brands in Pakistan. The ancient style needlework and modern designs are used by contemporary embroidery techniques by fine threads and needles. The original needle thread work and the traditional cross-stitching needlework enhance the beauty and make fabrics more special. It provides quality fabrics with beautiful needlework art. Each craft man is a trained professional adept in using his cross stitch kits. 

The cross stitch adds new arrivals in stock according to each season. It offers the customers new embroidery designs with needle thread work and cross-stitching patterns with fine needlework for fabrics like lawn, Chiffon, Karandi, Cotton Satin, and Nadia Hussain, exclusive symbols unique craft of cross stitch patterns.

Buy Cross Stitch Online Store

Besides, these cross stitches provide you premium and seasonal stitched and unstitched collections. You can find a variety and range of colors at cross stitch. Once you try cross stitch, you will become a regular and loyal buyer of it, an exquisite brand for even the quality concerned women who were apt in using the cross stitch kits.  

Above all, the best aspect of this fantastic clothing line is the beautiful handcraft. Cross stitch stitches the finest quality pre-tailored dresses for the busy bees at a very affordable price.

 Online Shopping from Cross Stitch

Buy Cross Stitch Online Store

Many people don’t find enough time to go out shopping. They prefer web shopping. Yet, they find it difficult to see which brand is reliable? Cross stitch provides you with quality fabric with variety and colors. Both unstitched and ready to wear are available at the cross-stitch.

All you need is to search for the item you want and sign up to add them to your shopping cart. You can receive notification of new arrival as well after you sign in. The various buttons help you to have a better experience.

The size charts are also available on the website. These charts help you to select measurements for your items. Once you have ordered, the things feel free to exchange if you are not satisfied. The exchanging option makes the brand special.

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  New and Popular Fabric Collection

Cross Stitch is a dedicated business, which would welcome you to a world of quality fabric. It stitches the premium quality fabric collection; each variety is a unique artwork of cross stitch patterns:

1. Unstitched Luxury Collection

2. Daily Unstitched Lawn

3. Khaddar and Linen Unstitched

4. The Luxury Edit Unstitched Collection

5. Daily Unstitched Collection

6. Fall-Winter Collection

While ready to wear contains three types:

1. Exclusive

2. Luxury

3. Basic

Besides the fabric, you can buy individual dupattas and bottoms too. Also, you can find Kocostar face masks and different creams at this fantastic store.

Store Location:

Now, as you have known the value of this significant clothing brand, it is time to give some information regarding availability and supplies across Pakistan. Cross stitch has its stores in big cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Sialkot, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Karachi Islamabad. You can contact cross stitch through email or direct visit 45-50 Gulberg-3 Industrial Area Lahore, Pakistan, for further information regarding supplies and new collection.

Shipping and Tracking Policies:

The shipping cost relies on weight and is calculated when the order is placed. Charges for international shipping are USD 25 for one piece, USD 30 for 3, USD 4 for four pieces, etc. If you are an international customer, you will receive your order in almost 10 to 21 working.

How to make an online order at cross stitch 

The online sale takes time; payment for your order is confirmed to be authorized it takes two days to process. The entire online fabric sale is based on the new and advanced digitized store system.

Sign up and provide the information:

Next, the customer will provide his email to receive a confirmation mail, and it will then be used as a constant channel for updated information until they receive their parcel.   

Check for the delivery charges for the supplies shipping:

For locals, cross stitch is offering free shipping all over Pakistan due to covid-19. It does not take just hours or a day for local shipping, But it takes 7 to 14 working days after the order’s confirmation.

Contact the cross-stitch 

customer care:

Although it is working as a state-of-the-art fabric, it still does not ship to the P.O box, and you receive orders on time. You can check your order by the tracking number. You can use the Order Tracking Section of the website to check the status of your order.

Please click here to see further details.

 Important Notes for cross stitch customers.

Cross stitch has the right to cancel orders for specific reasons such as products being out of stock or decline of credit card payments. Moreover, the item color you see through your devices may seem different when you receive it. It is because every device has an additional capability to show colors. So please understand that the actual color may vary.

Cross stitch is registered under the copyright law having all rights reserved; please do not worry about products’ security and quality during online shopping. 


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