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Sana Safinaz M233-003A-CU Muzlin Winter’23


Sana Safinaz M233-003a-Cu Muzlin Winter Collection ’23



Sana Safinaz M233-003a-Cu Muzlin Winter Collection ’23

In the canvas of this digital-printed linen shirt, the intertwining motifs of floral trellis paint a lyrical story. Paired with cotton-dyed pants and a linen drape adorned with complementary geometric patterns, it’s a symphony of artistry that speaks to the soul.

Component DetailsMeasurement
Garment Details3 Piece
Digital Printed Front On Linen1.15 MetersÂ
Digital Printed Back On Linen: 1.15m1.15 MetersÂ
Digital Printed Sleeves On Linen0.65 Meters
Embroidered Border On Organza1 Meter
Embroidered Kufuls02 Pieces
Digital Printed Linen Dupatta2.5 Meters
Dyed Cotton Pants2.5 Meters

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Weight1 kg
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